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I’m not sure about you, but whenever I pack for a trip, it usually goes something like this:

  • I wait as long as possible to get started
  • I’m unsure about what to bring, so I do a lot of thinking and maybe a little research.
  • I make a list.
  • I pack everything on the list.
  • I look at what I’ve packed and think, “This is too much.”
  • I add at least five more items I just thought up on the fly.
  • I forget two or three crucial items I’ll have to buy later.
  • And, scene.

Anyone else?

Well for our friends who are headed into residential treatment, we thought we would help you get started by doing the thinking and the research for you. We’re also providing a list you can rely on when you pack. Check it twice, and maybe you won’t forget a thing.

(Of course, if you do, that’s okay! Our staff is available to help you sort these things out once you’ve arrived and settled in your temporary home away from home).

Your Residential Treatment Packing List

We organized our packing list into categories. After gathering the items below, you can review each category to consider whether or not you’d add anything to our list. As long as your treatment center approves of the item, it’s a yes for us!

Items with Sentimental Value

These are the things that will get you through on the tough days. Stuff like:

  • Pictures of your family and close friends
  • Letters from loved ones
  • A wedding ring or other special jewelry

Practical Items

Think about what you need to make it through the day logistically. Things like:

  • Hygiene supplies:
    • soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, contact lenses or eyeglasses.


Our advice is to go for comfort over fashion when you pack your clothing. Items like:

  • Relaxed shirts, shorts, and pants
  • A light jacket and sweatshirt
  • Pajamas that feel good and you don’t mind wearing in a communal space

Items that Bring Comfort

You may want to feel physically cozy or emotionally safe. Consider things like:

  • A journal for jotting down your thoughts and feelings
  • Paper, pen or markers for writing letters and making art
  • Stamp for mailing letters
  • House shoes
  • A large, warm blanket
  • A stuffed animal

Important Items

These are things your residential treatment center will require for entrance. Stuff like:

  • Emergency contact and medical professionals’ contact information
  • Any medicines you’re currently taking, with original labels and dosage amounts
  • Insurance cards and driver’s license or another form of identification

Of course, there are plenty of items you should not pack. These include the obvious things like weapons, drugs or alcohol, as well less-obvious items like food and drinks, electronics, lighters or candles. If you’re unsure whether the item you’re considering is allowed, reach out to your treatment center for advice.

Our trained intake coordinators are happy to answer your questions as well. Just give us a call at 765-548-3928.


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