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All Foods Fit and Intuitive Eating Principles

We believe that all foods fit into a nutritionally balanced meal plan featuring a variety of foods consumed in moderation. Our definition of variety incorporates many different foods which into a therapeutic menu that includes various flavors, textures, and colors.

At Selah House, we help clients move toward Intuitive Eating by helping them become more comfortable with the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating. Through the process of having a variety of different meals, clients learn about why they make certain choices around eating and then learn to adjust those choices as needed for recovery. By providing nutritious and satisfying meals, as well as experiential learning in the kitchen, we help our clients gain the necessary skills to make peace with food.


The Care Through Culinary™ Difference

Nutrition: A Vital Part of Treatment

At Selah House, we’ve found that serving high-quality, thoughtfully prepared meals has a direct impact on how clients approach their confidence in care. Learning how to prepare meals, balance exposures, and trust in the therapeutic process is highly important in rebalancing clients’ relationships with meal planning. Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit is part of our whole-person approach as it helps to accelerate each client’s path to sustained recovery.

Care Through Culinary™: Helping Our Client Progress In Their Recoveries

Our nutritional and culinary teams are dedicated to preparing nutritious food and by doing so, extending real-time care to our clients. Culinary excellence involves nourishing the mind, body, and spirit and our clinical team collaborates with each client in four key areas to help them achieve life-long recovery by:
  • Teaching them how to plan, shop, and prepare meals
  • Helping them build supportive communities during meals with others
  • Supporting them as they actively explore culinary options
  • Providing welcoming therapeutic environments to help them change behaviors and overcome fears
This culinary collaboration builds the foundation of recovery by instilling clients with the knowledge, trust, and confidence they need to make choices that support sustainable freedom.

Meet the Nutritional and Culinary Staff


Rachel VanWoerden, MA, RDN

Director of Nutrition Services
Rachel grew up in Indianapolis and attended Ball State University where she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics. During the summer of 2016, she married her husband and passed her registration exam to become a Registered Dietitian. It was after this time that she was blessed to join the Selah House team.

At Selah, she works with clients to develop meal plans that are appropriate for each client’s specific treatment and nutritional needs. These meal plans help empower clients to process and overcome fears and anxiety surrounding food. Utilizing the all-foods-fit model and Intuitive Eating Principles, she helps clients learn about balance, variety, and moderation for a healthy lifestyle. Beyond the meal plans, Rachel helps clients learn food preparation and meal planning skills through individual sessions and groups. For example, she works with clients as they participate in meal and grocery challenges, and in the weekly cooking group. These provide an opportunity for our clients to build trust with their body and confidence in their own ability to receive adequate nutrition. Her favorite aspect of working at Selah is seeing clients develop a new understanding and trust with their body, nutrition, and food. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family while exploring the Indianapolis area.

Leianna Massie

Registered Dietician
Leianna joined the Selah House team in December of 2021 as a Registered Dietitian. While studying at the University of Akron, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She completed her Dietetic Internship with Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. She worked in Dietetic care for elderly clients and behavioral health clients prior to Selah House.

At Selah House, she primarily focuses on caring for and treating adolescents. She has always wanted to work in eating disorders to help her clients improve their relationships with food. When not at Selah House, her favorite things to do are hiking, reading, yoga, and watching movies.

Monica Coffey

Registered Dietician
While completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Ball State University in Nutrition and Dietetics, Monica worked at Selah House as a Dietary Care Specialist. Monica returned to Ball State to complete her dietetic internship and Master of Arts degree in Dietetics. After working in the acute care and community nutrition setting, Monica was blessed to return to Selah House as a Registered Dietitian. Monica has a passion for supporting and empowering her clients who are battling an eating disorder to find freedom.

Tamela Perry

Food Service Manager
After receiving her Associate’s Degree at Harrison College, Tammy was not sure where her career was planning on taking her. Tammy joined the Selah House Team nine years ago as a Dietary Care Specialist. During this time, finally felt she was working at a facility where her co-workers were like family. Within nine years, Tammy continued to grow with Selah House and moved up into our Food Service Manager position in 2022. She feels that this role will help her serve the wonderful souls that come through the Selah House doors. Utilizing her hospitable nature and working in the kitchen allowed her to be kind, helpful and spread love with delicious food.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Care Through CulinaryTM program, contact us today.

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