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Christian Eating Disorder Program At Selah House

When you begin searching for an eating disorder program, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Selah, our intimate, faith-based Christian eating disorder treatment center makes the decision easy. In fact, through direction in Christ, our program aims to support women who are in the process of recovering.

Christianity and the Difference

Christ-Centered Treatment

Benefits of a Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Center

At Selah, we are unique in our commitment to provide women with spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery from an eating disorder. Moreover, we design our unique programs to offer support and care to the women who come through our doors, regardless of their faith background.

Christian eating disorder treatment
To support spiritual development at our Christian eating disorder treatment center, we have a full-time chaplain. In addition, we also provide an extensive psychiatric and medical staff. Throughout treatment, the chaplain is available to counsel you in individual, group, or family settings. Furthermore, we also strive to create a space for healing through our homelike and welcoming environment. Our residential and inpatient spaces provide beauty alongside the structure of treatment. We trust that you will feel safe and comforted, whether at our residential campus with its wooded area and pond, or at our partial hospitalization campus with its Indiana farmland.
To assist in the spiritual recovery process, we also invite the women at Selah to engage in mindfulness and mental health practices. For example, our therapies include:

Who Can Attend Selah House?

Selah takes pride in providing dependable care for women who’re in various stages of their eating disorder. Specifically, our goal is to create a transformational experience through the Christian faith. However, we desire that women from all faith backgrounds come to Selah. Girls and women of all ages are welcome at Selah. In fact, we even serve girls as young as the age of 12. Additionally, we are also in-network for many insurance companies. To support education, a teacher also comes in coordination with the local school system.

Our two recovery centers make it easier for women to choose the right program as well. We have a range of treatment plans for women, including inpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization. Wherever you are in the process of treating your eating disorder, our Christian eating disorder treatment will guide you through the process in hopes of regaining your overall wellbeing.

Other Services at Selah’s Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Center

We trust that our medical and mental health services will help guide the women at Selah. Board-certified psychiatrists and nursing care are available 24-hours a day. Moreover, our clients can stay on-campus for their minor medical procedures with around-the-clock medical supervision. For example, our approach to nutrition is multifaceted, with our experts offering:
  • Family-style meal monitoring
  • Meal planning
  • Group cooking classes
The first steps in finding an eating disorder program are a difficult and emotional time for a family. Therefore, learn more about our Christian eating disorder treatment center today. Reach out now and call our friendly staff at 765-442-3551

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