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Leaving Selah

Often, leaving Selah can be another one of the most challenging steps in lasting recovery – separating from a place of continual love and support, and returning to the outside world. We recognize this challenge and prepare you and your family well for the transition to your life after treatment. Selah House conducts periodic calls after treatment to stay in touch with you to offer resources, encouragement, and self-care tips.
While at Selah House, a dedicated Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Program, clients develop individual discharge plans alongside their treatment team. The details of these eating disorder aftercare plans vary depending on the each client’s needs, community resources and goals.
Another way to stay connected is through social media. You will find encouragement and recovery tips on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Aftercare Benefits

Aftercare plans help you transition to daily life through prearranged plans including outpatient therapy, meetings, and events. In fact, many people struggle to return to daily life after residential treatment. These aftercare plans help clients return to home, work and/or school more successfully.

We pray and prepare clients for the safety and commitment to lifelong recovery. Our Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Program offers the following:

aftercare program at Selah
Through aftercare, you will have the resources and professional support for a lifetime. In addition, you will also create new friendships and learn from others in similar situations. These valuable resources will help you regain confidence while returning home after treatment.
Are you ready to take the next step in your recovery journey? If so, contact Selah House today at 765-442-3551 to learn more about our aftercare. This life-changing opportunity can help you build a better tomorrow for you and your family.

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