Adolescent and Teen
Eating Disorder Treatment

Adolescent and Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

About Our Adolescent Program

Eating disorders affect adolescents and teenagers across the country. However, these problems regularly go unnoticed. With the help of our teen eating disorder treatment at Selah House, your child can regain their health and overall wellness. This adolescent program will help your teen build the foundation for a healthy, bright future.
Teen eating disorder treatment will address specific disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and other eating and feeding disorders.

Quality Outcomes,
Sustainable Recovery

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Average reduction in overall
eating disorder symptom severity

Teen-Specific Programming

Our Teens program is designed to help your teen build a solid foundation for sustained recovery. Treatment includes:
Equine therapy (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association model), utilizing ground activities based on building connection and relationships
Continued education offered on-site, year-round, and overseen by our full-time teacher who coordinates with local school districts to ensure each teen’s education stays on track
Expressive therapy and creative groups held in our robust art room, which is also available for free time
Cooking groups held once a week through our nutrition program

What Does Christian Eating Disorder Treatment mean?

At Selah House, we are dedicated to guiding women on a journey of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery from eating disorders. We take pride in tailoring unique programs that extend unwavering support and care to every woman who walks through our doors, irrespective of their faith background.
To nurture spiritual growth within our Christian eating disorder treatment center, we have a dedicated full-time chaplain on staff. Additionally, our comprehensive team includes experienced psychiatric and medical professionals.
Christian Eating Disorder Program
Throughout the course of treatment, the chaplain is available for counseling in individual, group, or family settings. Moreover, we prioritize creating a healing space through our warm and welcoming environment, combining the comforts of home with the structured elements of our residential and inpatient spaces.

Equine Therapy

Our equine therapy allows for partnering with our horses to create experiential and educational opportunities. This approach engages our clients in participating with their minds and bodies so they can learn by doing
These interactive and insightful sessions help clients with self-awareness, emotional awareness, stress relief, decision-making skills, and behavioral changes that apply to their lives both in and out of treatment. Equine psychotherapy sessions are complete with specific goals in mind, rather than general horse care or riding.
What is Equine Therapy?
We believe that people learn best through direct and purposeful contact. This therapy is fully integrated into our treatment plans, which means our Equine therapists are a part of the treatment team and align therapy with the key needs of our clients.

What Our Clients, Their Families, and Clinical Partners Are Saying

Student Life at Selah House

We are committed to helping our teen clients continue their schooling during treatment at Selah House. Our certified teacher works with our adolescents and families by communicating with the student’s school system to establish individualized goals for assignment and coursework completion while in our program. Every school and education plan varies based on the objectives and standards of the student’s own school system, city, or state.
Laura is an educator with a varied background. Her journeys have led to a passion for helping others through education. She has taught pre-employment as well as in special education. In her free time, Laura coaches baseball and softball and is a Girl Scout leader.
Teen Program Educator
Laura Brant

Family Programming

At Selah House, families become directly involved in the client’s eating disorder treatment. We hope to help develop some creative ways for you to grow together and learn to enjoy family life again. During family days, loved ones can participate with their child in equine therapy, a dietitian/family therapist-facilitated meal or snack, and a weekly therapy session.
Specifically, our family therapy sessions and individual client sessions help evaluate family needs, roles and processing throughout treatment, and as needed Phone or web conferences can be utilized when distance is a problem.
Successful Family Treatment
A family therapist is involved with each client individually and also in groups throughout treatment in order to increase cohesiveness and understanding between family members.

Key Leadership

Is your teen ready to overcome their eating disorder through our adolescent program? If so, contact Selah House today at
855-651-1340 to learn more about teen eating disorder treatment.

100% Confidential

Frequently Asked Questions

Provided below are responses to frequently asked questions about the Selah House eating disorder treatment programs. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at 765.819.2524
Clients at Selah House start in the bedroom on the main level of our teen house. They will share this large bedroom with up to four other clients. Clients in this room have staff nearby throughout the night. As clients progress in treatment, they will move from that bedroom to a double occupancy room and be paired by our team with a roommate. We do our best to consider ages, personalities, and other preferences when making roommate assignments. At the PHP level of care, clients who are boarding may reside in our “Cottage” overnight. The cottage bedroom has up to six clients in a room with bunk beds.
Teen clients meet with their individual therapist at least twice weekly. They also have family therapy at least once weekly and meet individually with their dietitian at least once.
Our teens have 2 hours/day Monday-Friday to work on schoolwork. We have a licensed teacher who provides support and is the liaison with the client’s school. Our teacher often works with the school and teachers to determine if a reduction in assignments or work is possible or appropriate. Clients should bring their school computer/device so they can continue schoolwork. If they do not have a school-issued computer/device, Selah can provide a laptop for them to use for schoolwork. School reading or paper assignments can be done during any free time.
Selah House is in-network with most major insurance plans. Our team will work with insurance to obtain authorization for appropriate level of care based on medical necessity.
Each client’s length of stay is individualized to meet their unique needs and situation. Our treatment team meets weekly to discuss progress and adjust projected discharge date, which is communicated to family. Average length of stay at residential level of care is 30-45 days.
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