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Women’s Eating Disorder Treatment At Selah House

Eating disorders can be frightening and anxiety-inducing. When your family raises concerns, it can also be difficult to accept that your habits may have spiraled out of control. However, finding a safe place to recover can be even more daunting. For young women who are searching for a supportive, judgment-free environment, Selah House offers this support at our women’s eating disorder treatment center.

“I’ve worked hard on my recovery since discharging from Selah and have remained in a healthy place due to what I learned there. I’m starting a graduate program in human services this fall, and I’m excited to be able to help people in the future.”
– Stacey, Grateful Selah House Alumnus

Benefits of Receiving Professional Care At Selah

At Selah, we believe there is no one right way to help women through their recovery. Therefore, at our women’s eating disorder treatment center, we focus on providing adaptable plans for the most comfortable recovery. Sometimes, family members will be the biggest advocate for a woman seeking treatment. Other times, however, she will be her own self-advocate. Either way, we recognize the process of getting help can be challenging for everyone.
women's eating disorder treatment
In order to make this process transformational, we focus on getting women all the assistance they may need. In fact, we are in-network for most major insurance companies.
At Selah House, we take pride in helping our client’s academic growth through training and education. Therefore, our teacher works in conjunction with the local school system.

Who Does Selah House Treat?

Selah helps girls and women from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, our experts treat eating disorders that fall under the following categories:

We also support girls as young as 12. With the number of younger women we welcome, it’s important to us that we support family involvement with services like family therapy. Our treatment also centers around a Christian-faith-based approach, but we encourage those from all faith backgrounds to apply to our welcoming and intimate women’s eating disorder treatment center.

Selah House also features two campuses for women at all levels of treatment. Whether you are ready for inpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization care, we can provide you with the care you deserve.

Benefits of Seeking Help Through Women’s Eating Disorder Treatment

At Selah House, our homelike environment provides a space for women to find healing and recovery. Eating disorders impact women at much higher rates than men and rates are even higher among younger women.
With our faith-based approach, we create a place for women to find solidarity and comfort in their shared experiences. Our women’s eating disorder treatment also seeks to provide women with strong emotional support. We know that support and encouragement is an integral step in the healing journey. For example, our outlets for this support include:
  • Access to a full-time chaplain for spiritual guidance
  • Two beautiful campuses: (1) Residential campus – oversees the White River, a pond with a fountain, wooded area (2) Partial hospitalization campus – 65 acres of Indiana farmland, also houses our stables for our Equine Therapy
  • Time for journaling, meditation, spirituality, and self-reflection
  • Personalized therapy sessions (including opportunities for individual, family, and group therapy sessions)
  • Equine therapy
  • Weekly meal planning and group cooking classes
  • Family-style meal monitoring
Are you ready to overcome the challenges of your disorder through our women’s eating disorder treatment program? If so, reach out to our friendly staff today at 765-442-3551.

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