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Meaningful Connections That Lead to Healing

Many benefits of equine therapy relate to the nature of the horses and the relationships they develop with our clients.

Horses are usually welcoming and empathetic, able to mirror humans’ behaviors and attitudes which helps important insights surface. Our equine therapy allows for partnering with our horses to create experiential and educational opportunities. This approach engages our clients in participating with their minds and bodies so they can learn by doing.
These interactive and insightful sessions help clients with self-awareness, emotional awareness, stress relief, decision-making skills, and behavioral changes that apply to their lives both in and out of treatment.
Equine psychotherapy sessions are complete with specific goals in mind, rather than general horse care or riding. We believe that people learn best through direct and purposeful contact. This therapy is fully integrated into our treatment plans, which means our Equine therapists are a part of the treatment team and align therapy with the key needs of our clients.

Equine Therapy at Selah House

Selah House utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities. In fact, our equine therapy is a great way to relieve stress and gain confidence during recovery. However, we also offer other therapies for your benefit.
For example, further therapies at Selah House include:
equine therapy program
As you can see, we offer a wide range of treatment options for our clients. Therefore, you will have the best possible chance at recovery.
Don’t allow an eating disorder to take control of your life. In fact, join us at Selah House to begin on a path to recovery. To learn more about us, contact our friendly staff today at 765-442-3551. This opportunity can make all the difference in the success of your recovery and overall wellbeing.

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Kate Fisch, LCSW

Kate Fisch is the AVP of Clinical Operations for Odyssey’s Eating Disorder Network. With 17 years of clinical leadership and direct client care experience in the eating disorders field, she has a history of innovation, clinical training, and resource development in a variety of eating disorder treatment settings supporting families, clients, and clinicians.
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