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As part of National Nutrition Month, we also celebrate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day. This is a time to increase awareness of our registered dietitian nutritionists as the indispensable providers of food and nutrition services.  At Selah House, we thank our registered dietitians, Shelby Duncan and Rachel VanWoerden, and our Director of Therapeutic Services, Jessica Ward for their commitment to helping people enjoy healthy lives.

Our Dietitians Share

“I became a registered dietitian because I have a love for food and nutrition and a deep passion for helping others.  At Selah, I find the intersection. I have the opportunity to walk with clients through some of the toughest food challenges they face and be the voice of reassurance, truth, and evidence.Through experiential activities, I am able to teach applicable skills around real-life activities like grocery shopping, restaurant eating, and meal preparation.  I get to show our clients what a healthy relationship to food and body look like and coach them into a more balanced relationship with food. I love to see my clients truly come into their own strength as they get the nutrition their body needs and receive the nourishment their soul longs for.  I love to help others find joy in food again as it moves to the right perspective in their lives. Being a registered dietitian for me means helping others take small steps in their relationship to food that allows them to pursue a life that aligns with their values, as well as the purpose that God has called them towards,” shares Shelby Duncan, RD, CD.

Rachel VanWoerden MA, RDN, adds, “It amazing watching the clients grow in their relationship with food and trusting their bodies.  My favorite experiences are working with clients on experiential challenges at grocery stores and restaurants.”

Selah House Nutrition

National Nutrition Month spotlights nutrition education and information and focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity and habits. At Selah House, we understand the importance of a nutrition program and believe that all foods can fit into a nutritionally-sound meal plan that includes balance, variety, and moderation.

Shelby works hand-in-hand with the treatment team to help clients learn practical skills around meal planning and food selection.  Clients learn to identify and respond to feelings of hunger and fullness, and portioning food for themselves. Meals at Selah House are prepared on-site in the kitchen and clients can participate in meal preparation. Our unique family-style meals allow clients to share food together while considering individual preferences. In addition to meals, individual snacks meet each client’s nutritional needs, including weight restoration when necessary.  Essential nutritional education and therapy is a vital part of eating disorder recovery, and our tailored approach helps each client prepare for their transition back to independence.

Selah House Offers Freedom

Our clinical team utilizes a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to contribute to the overall healing and transformation from an eating disorder. At Selah House, we meet our clients exactly where they are in their recovery and use therapeutic techniques that empower sustainable freedom. If you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, Selah House can help. Call our admission team today at 765.819.2524 or complete our contact form for more information.

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