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Mental health disorders and psychological problems can manifest themselves in many ways. Among teens and women, the possibility of them developing an eating disorder is higher than most people realize. When it comes to treating an eating disorder, there are two things eating disorder treatment centers like Selah House need to address. They typically need to address the overall health of the client, as well as treat the underlying cause of the disorder.

Types of Eating Disorders

First, it’s important to identify what we believe are the most prevalent eating disorders. They include:

  • Anorexia – reluctance to eat
  • Bulimia – a pattern of eating and purging
  • Binge eating – periods of eating large amounts of food in short periods

Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating are more common than most people would want to admit.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – The Process of Treatment

Of course, by providing the best women’s eating disorder treatment Indiana can offer, we encounter a lot of clients who are distraught and very much in need of help.

When clients enter eating disorder treatment centers, it’s important for the facility’s counselors to evaluate and address the client’s current health. Then, they can immediately connect the client with medical staffers and nutrition experts. The client is going to need strength to get through counseling, which will usually require the client to start acquiring better eating habits and taking medication.

Once the client’s health stabilizes, they can start delving into the causes of their disorder. Counselors typically like to use evidence-based treatment options like cognitive behavior therapy, family-based therapy, and group therapy. In the worst cases, the patient could need hospitalization, medication, and most certainly, nutrition education.

About Selah House

Selah House is a Christ-centered program, meaning we regard every person as a spiritual being on a human journey. We hold each individual in high regard and use this to guide us in our endeavor to help women with eating disorders. We understand that each of our clients enters our treatment center with a unique set of circumstances. With that in mind, we customize a treatment plan for each client. We measure our success by our ability to return our clients to both mental and physical health. Our services include:

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, we hope you understand you are risking your long-term health and there is a way out. At Selah House, we are ready to guide you to better health and a happier life. We only ask that you call us at 765.819.2524.

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