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A New Approach to Resolutions

Do you find yourself falling into the New Year’s resolution trap? The one where you look back over the last year and get down on yourself for the things you didn’t accomplish? You know what they say: hindsight is 2020. It is much easier to look back after the fact and see the missteps that took place. 

Looking back can be a helpful practice but getting stuck can be detrimental. Remember: hindsight is 2020. You’re looking back with greater insight and a wider perspective. You know things now that you didn’t know when you were first heading into the year. Nothing you can do will change the past; however, you can come into this year as you are and start fresh.


Spend Some Time in Reflection

Reflection is an important part of self-improvement.

Start with a simple reflection of the last year. Did you write down the resolutions you set out to accomplish in 2020? Take that out and see what you had in mind at the time. Without judging yourself, which goals did you overlook last year? Are there things on that list that you want to carry into this next year?

You can write your goals in a journal to review when you need it.  


Focus on the Positive

Start by focusing on the positives. Look at everything that went well last year. You’re still alive and breathing, no matter what you went through. That’s a beautiful thing to be grateful for. Now consider friendships you rekindled or family members you stayed connected with. Perhaps you learned new hobbies that you now love to do.

Maybe you even completed a few of the goals you set for yourself last January. Finding appreciation and gratitude for the little things in life is a vital part of remaining positive.


Consider Possible Adjustments

Now, look at the things you could have done differently. Remember, hindsight is 2020. 

Look at the possible adjustments you can make during the upcoming year. If you had a difficult time waking up in the mornings, can you set an earlier bedtime? Can you spend a few minutes outside each day getting some fresh air? Look for little changes you can make that could lead to a big difference in the long run.


Set Up an Action Plan

Now that you have a big picture view of last year, set up an action plan for the new year. Include the adjustments you decided to make that will contribute to a better daily life. Add in some attainable goals you want to work toward this year. Make sure your action plan is clear, specific, measurable, and attainable.


Get Ready to Adapt

If there’s one thing that 2020 taught the world it’s the importance of adaptability. Human beings are creatures of habit who find comfort in routine. Think about your life before the transition in 2020. Now, think about how you adapted to this new reality. Find a new routine that will be best suited for your needs now. Remember to give yourself grace for making these changes and ensure that you are caring for yourself during these continued challenges.


Reach Out for Help

Surround yourself with your support system and make yourself available to help loved ones who need it.

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