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Saying yes to eating disorder treatment isn’t an easy decision to make.

You’ve likely lived with your eating disorder for months or years by the time treatment is something to consider. You probably know that your condition isn’t necessarily safe to maintain. But your eating disorder is also your go-to coping mechanism when things feel overwhelming or difficult.

You’ve felt so much pain and heartache in your life and your eating disorder is one of the only things that seem to help. Choosing to say yes to treatment means having to let go of the coping skill that gives you some level of control in your life. How could you possibly let go of that?

It can feel scary to imagine life without your eating disorder. You’ve done everything you can to make sure as few people as possible notice your condition. You try your best to protect your eating disorder since it feels like the thing that keeps you safe.

But in reality, your eating disorder is only hurting you.

Choosing to say yes to eating disorder treatment is the first step to getting the help you need. There is so much life to live in the world that your disordered eating holds you back from. How often do you miss dinners with family or gatherings with friends to keep from having to explain that you’re just “not hungry” one more time?

Think of all the things you would love to do in life if you weren’t held back by your eating disorder. Where would you go? What would you see? Who would you like to go with? How many experiences are you holding yourself back from because you’re trapped by your eating disorder?

Even considering these questions can feel overwhelming at the beginning. You’ve likely become so used to your immediate surroundings that the thought of an entire world open and waiting for you sounds like too much. But there is so much for you to see, do, and experience as soon as you’re willing to ask for help and leave your eating disorder behind.

Choosing to say yes to eating disorder treatment not only opens up your own world, it also opens up the world for others. Once you overcome your eating disorder, you’ll find yourself in a position to be uniquely helpful to others who live with the same struggles as you. You will be able to share your story of how you found your way out of the darkness of an eating disorder.

Choosing to say yes to eating disorder treatment will help you discover just how powerful your mind and body truly are. Depriving yourself of nutrients for so long leaves you feeling exhausted, beat down, and depleted. As you enter recovery and begin to heal, you’ll soon realize how capable you truly are.

There is so much light and love waiting for you in the world. It may feel overwhelming and scary right now but it will be worth it as soon as you escape that cycle. Choosing to say yes to treatment is the first step toward giving yourself the gift of hope and healing that awaits you. The beauty and wonder of recovery is right at your fingertips, ready for you the moment you choose to accept the help you deserve.

Finding Help and Healing at Selah House

Selah House is an eating disorder treatment program for women. We focus on and deal with the underlying issues that cause eating disorders to develop so our clients can finally find freedom from the chains of disordered eating. Selah House provides treatment in a homelike setting to keep the women we work with as calm and safe as possible while focusing on their recovery.

Selah House is also a Christian program. We’re not simply a facility that places a half-hearted label on our program; the love of God is the basis for everything we do. We believe that God’s unconditional love includes His most hurt children and that nothing you do can ever truly separate you from Him. We’ve watched time and time again the transformative power of that love and the way it heals the women who come through our program.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programs available at Selah House, we’d love to talk with you. Our specialized facility offers more than just your typical eating disorder treatment program; we truly care for every woman who walks through the door of our facility. Reach out to us today to speak with an admissions specialist who can outline your options and help you decide on the program that best fits your needs!

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