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Eating disorders are very serious problems that can lead to long-term consequences. Women who have an unhealthy relationship with food may be severely underweight or overweight. They might even fall into a normal weight range, despite their disordered eating habits. If you or a loved one needs to regain a positive attitude toward food, knowing how anorexia vs bulimia differ is a good place to start.

The Difference Between Anorexia vs Bulimia

For anyone unfamiliar with the various types of eating disorders, each of them may look the same. However, there are different symptoms a person struggles with. And, depending on which disorder someone struggles with, their treatment plan may look different from someone else’s.

When considering anorexia vs bulimia, what are the major differences?

Someone who’s coping with anorexia severely restricts her calories, so she’s often severely underweight. She may exercise excessively, but as her disorder worsens, she won’t have much energy to keep up a fitness regimen. She may wear layers of clothes, not only to disguise her thin frame from concerned loved ones, but also to stay warm. Her periods may have stopped completely.

A woman dealing with bulimia may appear to be at a normal weight, although her eating is anything but normal. Someone struggling with bulimia can eat large amounts of food in a short period of time, or binge eat. They then feel guilty and ashamed about eating like this. Afterward, some do various things to rid themselves of excess food or calories. Some purge while others use laxatives or diuretics. Others exercise excessively.

In both types of disorders, people feel uncomfortable eating around others. They also feel a great deal of anxiety when eating. Due to the disorder, they often suffer depression as well.

The Importance of Treatment for Eating Disorders

It can be very difficult to overcome an eating disorder without professional help. Women struggling with anorexia or bulimia often feel alone. This contributes to their feelings of depression and anxiety. With the right treatment, however, they can recognize and face underlying issues and begin to live a life free of such devastating disorders.

Individualized care and evidence-based practices can help you or a loved one get the fresh start you need for a stronger, healthier future.

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