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If you struggle with binge eating, or someone you love is suffering from this disorder, you likely wonder how to stop binge eating. You know the chaos this condition brings to your life. But there are no quick fixes for this eating disorder or any other. Instead, you need to identify and address the underlying problems that cause your binge eating. This healing and recovery take place through a quality treatment program.

How to Stop Binge Eating

Learning how to stop binge eating is not something that is easy to do alone. You need the support and care gained through a treatment center in order to treat both your binge eating and its root causes. But the overall approach to ending binge eating includes some key steps. These steps include:

  • Following a regular meal plan
  • Focusing on health, not a weight number
  • Learning your triggers and how to cope with them
  • Removing temptation
  • Finding new ways to feel good about yourself

Binge eating often occurs as a result of trying to restrict your eating or calorie intake. There are some cases where people binge when they feel a certain way. For example, they could struggle to deal with other people or experience problems in their relationships. Whatever your triggers, a binge is a multi-step process that starts before you pick up your chosen food.

To stop this process before it starts, you need help understanding your triggers and root causes of your binges. For example, some people struggle with depression along with their binge eating. These feelings can create a cycle of uncontrolled eating in order to try to feel better. Through new ways of controlling your emotions, you can stop turning to food for satisfaction and comfort.

What Does Binge Eating Treatment Include?

A quality binge eating disorder treatment center provides a mix of therapies and treatment methods, selected according to your own individual treatment plan. These programs and therapies include:

  • Inpatient, residential, and PHP day treatment
  • Chaplain and spiritual services
  • Meal monitoring and weekly meal planning
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Holistic modalities, such as equine therapy, journaling, meditation, and self-reflection
  • 24-hour psychiatry and nursing care

Through a combined approach addressing your physical, mental, and spiritual needs, you can put your binge eating behind you. You simply need to learn more about your disorder, your overall health, and your needs for a healthier future.

Anderson, Indiana-Based Eating Disorder Treatment

Finding help for your eating disorder is not as difficult as you think. You simply need to look for a treatment center focusing on eating disorders, one providing a mix of approaches like those listed above. When you find this treatment, talk to caring admissions specialists to learn more about available programs and how to stop binge eating for healthier days ahead.

In Anderson, Indiana, Selah House provides the guidance and treatment you need to help you understand how to stop binge eating for good. This treatment takes place among other girls and women aged 12 and up. Call Selah House now at 765.819.2524 to learn more about our available programs and our Christ-centered approach for a healthier life.

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