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Marcie Schott

Equine Specialist

Equine Specialist Marcie SchottDown at the barn is where you will find the horses, the cats and Marcie. Marcie is the equine specialist at Selah House, she believes in the power of the horses and allows people to be where they are on their own journey and meet them there. Like the horses Marcie doesn’t judge and is accepting. Marcie creates both a physical and emotionally safe place for the clients and the horses. Marcie works with the horses to help others learn about themselves and their strengths so they can find their own solutions. Marcie loves to empower others. Marcie is honest as she shows empathy, kindness, encouragement and is dedicated to helping those with eating disorders and their families. She allows you to feel your feelings and will sit with you in those. When the time is right she tends to make you smile with her clown like antics. Marcie has started many new fashion trends such as capris and cowboy boots, hay in hair and her beloved comfy.   Marcie loves metaphors and has a way of making things relate. Marcie loves to show others life is worth living with comical playfulness and lively interactions which have proven to be very healing. Marcie has some of the best life experiences and will share them with you if you ask her. She is also known for her hugs, even getting an award for them.   Marcie is married and lives in Anderson. She and her husband are blessed to have 7 children, son and daughters in law, and 2 amazing, fun, loving, brilliant, grandchildren 3 dogs and 2 cats. Marcie loves being a Mia and MiMi. She has a zest for life and loves spending time with her family, going to concerts and just music in general, dancing, traveling, learning new things. She also loves spending time on/in water, in nature and with animals, being with friends, laughing, true connections and the Colts.

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