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Kara PatrickAs a family and group therapist at Selah House, Kara works with clients and families to help them increase their communication skills and deepen relationships. One of her goals is to, “aid families in growing and learning together, to deepen their relationships with one another, and to help provide support to their loved one in their recovery journey”. In her group therapy role, she enjoys embracing creative ideas to help clients process difficult emotions and topics related to recovery. After receiving an undergraduate degree from Grace College, where she double-majored in Psychology and Sociology, Kara attended Ball State University to complete her master’s degree in Counseling, with a focus in Clinical Mental Health. Following graduation, Kara began working at a local community mental health center serving individuals with substance use disorders, depression, and anxiety. She also worked closely with a team of various community entities, as well as other providers on a team. This is one aspect that drew her to Selah House, and an aspect she deeply values to this day: “ One thing I love about Selah House is the opportunity to work closely with professionals of other disciplines, with a team approach. This allows us to keep close communication and provide the best care for our clients, as well as allowing me to keep learning each day from my co-workers.” In her free time, Kara enjoys spending time and laughing with her husband and family. Along with her husband, Kara loves being involved in her church and is a youth group sponsor. She also appreciates going to state parks with her husband and her dog, a Great Dane, named Ollie.

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